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Petition: 'Investigate NYPD Violence Against Occupy Wall Street'

The New York Police Department has repeatedly used violence against peaceful protesters in the Occupy Wall Street movement. On March 17th, several protesters were hospitalized by police violence. The Department seems to be actively attempting to suppress the nonviolent movement through infiltration, monitoring and violent arrest. 

We call for a full, independent investigation by the state Attorney General into the active suppression of the movement by the New York Police Department, including, but not limited to: 

1. The use of taxpayer funds to infiltrate and monitor peaceful Occupy protest planning 

2. Departmental practices that lead to, or allow for, the violent dispersal of crowds and the violent arrest of protestors 

3. Civil rights violations of protestors by the police


"When I pay for something, I’m making a trade; I’m offering the money that I bought with my labor, my time, and my creativity for a product or service that the corporation wouldn’t share with me under any other circumstances.
In a sense, we have a relationship based on violence: we negotiate an exchange not according to our respect or concern for each other, but according to the forces that we can bring to bear on each other.

Supermarkets know they can charge me a dollar for bread because I will starve if I do not buy it; they know they can’t charge me four dollars, because I will buy it somewhere else. So our interaction revolves around unspoken threats, rather than love, and I am forced to give up on something of my own to get anything from them."

- CrimethInc.  (via elige)

(via child-of-the-universe)

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